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This is what happens when children play. They have a walnut fight.



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The house we live in was built in the 50’s by my Grandpa and other, skillful and handy, men that are part of our family. And one thing I appreciate is.. they did a wonderful job giving my dear Grandma tons of cabinet space! Let me tell you Grandma loved it too!! The cabinets were always packed full of dishes, pot, pans, goodies, and medicine. Did I fail to mention wallpaper to line the cabinets. Yes, wonderful wallpaper that has been on the cabinets since the house was built.

So that bring me to my busy wonderful Columbus Holiday Monday. Upon waking all I could think of was that beautiful little short legged creature you may call a roach. Last night he had the never to crawl across a plate.. In the cabinet, shall I say. Soo, I have spent the entire day declutttering things from antique platters, plates, cups, aging medicine from 1980 (it’s still good sone will say) to empty ancient wine bottles, and food from our cabinets. And last but not least pulling out old wallpaper and spraying for varmints!! Now it’s all put back together clean and bug free.. As of now! I wish I had before and after pictures of my adventure.. but to save our “don’t get rid of anything” name I spared the before and will soon post our after pictures. 

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