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Sick baby Liam

There have been a lot of babies getting sick around our part of the world. Seems like every baby has or had RSV. There are at least 7 babies admitted as I write. I pray all those babies make a quick recovery.

One super special little boy also has RSV and he gave us quite a scare last night with a temp of 101.8, to high for a 5 week old. And it was worse when he became lethargic.. Until i put a cold rag over his tiny head. Super scary!! He is sleeping now so that is a plus. Just hoping he gets to eating.


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My research for the perfect gift for my dear one came up rather empty handed! I did however come up with a lot of practical ideas.. Like love letters and poems. I even saw some odd things like a mustache cupcake holder. Oddly enough nothing caught my eye.. Then we watched ‘Courageous’ today at our Valentines Banquet.. And I thought to myself.. What does this have to so with Valentines Day? Then it dawned on me.. Courageous is about being a Godly Father.. What if for Valentines Day I did something similar.. A Resolution to be a better Godly wife… The wife that God want me to be. So I am going to male a Resolution to my wonderful Husband to be a more Godly wife.. How.. That will soon be shown..

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