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My research for the perfect gift for my dear one came up rather empty handed! I did however come up with a lot of practical ideas.. Like love letters and poems. I even saw some odd things like a mustache cupcake holder. Oddly enough nothing caught my eye.. Then we watched ‘Courageous’ today at our Valentines Banquet.. And I thought to myself.. What does this have to so with Valentines Day? Then it dawned on me.. Courageous is about being a Godly Father.. What if for Valentines Day I did something similar.. A Resolution to be a better Godly wife… The wife that God want me to be. So I am going to male a Resolution to my wonderful Husband to be a more Godly wife.. How.. That will soon be shown..


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This Valentines Day will be Our first day of Amour together!  And that is leaving me.. Well, worried! I have no clue as of what to get a man for that special day.. More so the man I love. Did I mention we also walked down the aisle together after saying I do.. Yes, we got married on Valentines day, so that means I have to get him not one but two gifts. And unlike my DH who called to say.. “Your Valentines gift came in at Mom’s today. Would you like it know or wait?” I was like Valentines day is 2 days away. What do you think, “Of course I want to wait!” I was feeling extra crummy by now! My husband got my gift already and he even ordered it.. And I have diddly.. “It’s in 2 days , get with it!” I said.. Or say because I am still lacking in both areas. But, what do you get a man for both of those days..

I will research and post my findings tomorrow. Hope to see you there and reading!

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