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My research for the perfect gift for my dear one came up rather empty handed! I did however come up with a lot of practical ideas.. Like love letters and poems. I even saw some odd things like a mustache cupcake holder. Oddly enough nothing caught my eye.. Then we watched ‘Courageous’ today at our Valentines Banquet.. And I thought to myself.. What does this have to so with Valentines Day? Then it dawned on me.. Courageous is about being a Godly Father.. What if for Valentines Day I did something similar.. A Resolution to be a better Godly wife… The wife that God want me to be. So I am going to male a Resolution to my wonderful Husband to be a more Godly wife.. How.. That will soon be shown..


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This Valentines Day will be Our first day of Amour together!  And that is leaving me.. Well, worried! I have no clue as of what to get a man for that special day.. More so the man I love. Did I mention we also walked down the aisle together after saying I do.. Yes, we got married on Valentines day, so that means I have to get him not one but two gifts. And unlike my DH who called to say.. “Your Valentines gift came in at Mom’s today. Would you like it know or wait?” I was like Valentines day is 2 days away. What do you think, “Of course I want to wait!” I was feeling extra crummy by now! My husband got my gift already and he even ordered it.. And I have diddly.. “It’s in 2 days , get with it!” I said.. Or say because I am still lacking in both areas. But, what do you get a man for both of those days..

I will research and post my findings tomorrow. Hope to see you there and reading!

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I’m excited to say my tiny man Liam has been asleep for 2 hours.

However… Not excited that he will be up most the night though. Ick! He has just been super irritated all day, mostly with a rumbley belly. Poor baby!! I pray he gets better.. And doing that I have researched ways to ease belly pains.

One site I found helps with natural ways to help tummy problems…

Even though baby Liam doesn’t show signs of colic, I thought this was interesting…


Lastly, some relief for the tummy.. Ideas

Gas Relief


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Do you know that people expose their self to around 500 chemicals during a single morning routine. Some of these chemicals are found in shampoo and conditioners. Did you know that these products can have crazy effects on your hair, perhaps leaving it lifeless and dull over time. Did you also know that many of the ingredients in these products are not healthy, henceforth chemical. Lol

Thats why I challenge you to a No-Poo Challenge.

Before you get all grossed out, let me explain. With this challenge you will need to go without shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks. Doing so is not only healthier for your hair, but also better on your wallet and the environment. Why?! Well, your hair will have to adjust to this lifestyle (for a couple days), but once it does it will have less buildup, have a more natural shine, and be healthier overcall. It also is cheaper because you are not spending money on those products nor chunking the used bottles elsewhere.

Even though this is a no shampoo or conditioner challenge, there is nothing that says you can’t wash your hair.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep that beautiful head of your spic and span clean.

First, you can use a baking soda and water mixture. For instance, you can use two tablespoons of baking soda in a couple cups of water. How do I get the grittiness out you ask? Easy, use a .5/.5 wash of apple cider vinegar and water then add a small amount of coconut oil as a leave in conditioner.

Second, you can use cornstarch to help with oily roots.

Third, you can purchase dry shampoo.

Forth, you can wear a headband or scarf until your hair is used to your new challenge.

Now, I bet you wonder if I have ever done this challenge. Well, not totally. I have tried it a week, but backed out when something came along.. Like being in the shower and just automatically putting shampoo in.. Oops! Well, this time I am actually going to try it and try to post pictures as the two weeks pass. So, bare with me as we try this together and see if it really does make for healthier hair.

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One of my passions is photography and though I am no professional I dearly love taking shots of just about anything and everything in God’s creation! My favorite, besides my children, is Nature and it’s natural surroundings. There is really nothing you can do to mess up a shot. Unless, you get a blurry shot- not a good thing. To detour doing so I find myself using the manuel focus more often. I find that doing so gets a more personalized shot.







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These past few weeks have flew by rather quickly! And.. Even though sleep seems like a Distant memory it seems there is not enough hours in the day to do anything, including schoolwork, housework, and errands that need to be ran. However, that’s just the way it goes with a husband that works nights and sleeps all day and a bundle of cuteness that has night and day mixed up. I just pray I get a little sleep somewhere in between. Sadly, sleep comes usually from 8 to 10 in the morning. 10 because thats when the older kiddos decide they have had enough sleep. And I’m not complaining! They stay up till 10 or 11 reading, watching movies, and/or playing in their rooms. That’s the joy of Homeschool!
When we do finally rise around 10 or 10:30 breakfast gets started. Sometimes a yummy breakfast of the fixins. You know eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, but sometimes only cereal and poptarts sounds nice to everyone! However, no child eats unless chores are finished. That means beds are made, bedroom floors are clear, and dirty clothes are retired to the washroom. Then it’s chow time.
Next on the list, the kids wash their individual plates and either go play outside for 30 min. or start schoolwork. The school has to be completed before they can truly go outside.
The schoolwork, A sad reminder of what I wanted to get completed. But then again the joy of homeschooling we can take light days, heavy days, and days off.
For the simple reason we go with the flow I call us a semi- unschooling homeschool. There are however things that I stress gets finished. Bible, Math, and Reading. Writing comes in when they are journaling about the personal book they chose and the library nonfiction (sharks,birds, and history) books. Right now my oldest is reading The Hardy Boys and various shark books. My middle child is reading The Magic Treehouse Series and sharks as well. My youngest however is learning how to read. Which seems to be a great struggle!
We don’t really have a set schedule for school work so they pretty much do the mandatory throughout the day. And do as they please. Which sometimes destroys the house. We could have it clean on moment and the next.. Destruction!
What about the baby? Well, he sleeps and sleeps and wakes to eat. We cannot wait till he gets old enough to want to learn along side with everyone!!! That would be awesome!

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I have indeed come to my senses and learned that I am not a great blogger! But and And, I dearly want to rekindle that love of writing!! So I have challenged myself to a write-a-thon for thirty days. During these thirty days I plan on writing what ever mishmashed whatevers I can come up with..
The only problem… I cannot seem to follow through on any such thing. (Insert sad face here!!). Therefore, this is also a form of a commitment setting opportunity.. Can I do this?! You betcha!! But first.. Please bear with me as I plunger though this mind of mine and see what exciting things I can come up with and maybe someone will enjoy my chaotic lace write-a-thon!!!

Amen and God Bless

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