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These past few weeks have flew by rather quickly! And.. Even though sleep seems like a Distant memory it seems there is not enough hours in the day to do anything, including schoolwork, housework, and errands that need to be ran. However, that’s just the way it goes with a husband that works nights and sleeps all day and a bundle of cuteness that has night and day mixed up. I just pray I get a little sleep somewhere in between. Sadly, sleep comes usually from 8 to 10 in the morning. 10 because thats when the older kiddos decide they have had enough sleep. And I’m not complaining! They stay up till 10 or 11 reading, watching movies, and/or playing in their rooms. That’s the joy of Homeschool!
When we do finally rise around 10 or 10:30 breakfast gets started. Sometimes a yummy breakfast of the fixins. You know eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, but sometimes only cereal and poptarts sounds nice to everyone! However, no child eats unless chores are finished. That means beds are made, bedroom floors are clear, and dirty clothes are retired to the washroom. Then it’s chow time.
Next on the list, the kids wash their individual plates and either go play outside for 30 min. or start schoolwork. The school has to be completed before they can truly go outside.
The schoolwork, A sad reminder of what I wanted to get completed. But then again the joy of homeschooling we can take light days, heavy days, and days off.
For the simple reason we go with the flow I call us a semi- unschooling homeschool. There are however things that I stress gets finished. Bible, Math, and Reading. Writing comes in when they are journaling about the personal book they chose and the library nonfiction (sharks,birds, and history) books. Right now my oldest is reading The Hardy Boys and various shark books. My middle child is reading The Magic Treehouse Series and sharks as well. My youngest however is learning how to read. Which seems to be a great struggle!
We don’t really have a set schedule for school work so they pretty much do the mandatory throughout the day. And do as they please. Which sometimes destroys the house. We could have it clean on moment and the next.. Destruction!
What about the baby? Well, he sleeps and sleeps and wakes to eat. We cannot wait till he gets old enough to want to learn along side with everyone!!! That would be awesome!


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I have indeed come to my senses and learned that I am not a great blogger! But and And, I dearly want to rekindle that love of writing!! So I have challenged myself to a write-a-thon for thirty days. During these thirty days I plan on writing what ever mishmashed whatevers I can come up with..
The only problem… I cannot seem to follow through on any such thing. (Insert sad face here!!). Therefore, this is also a form of a commitment setting opportunity.. Can I do this?! You betcha!! But first.. Please bear with me as I plunger though this mind of mine and see what exciting things I can come up with and maybe someone will enjoy my chaotic lace write-a-thon!!!

Amen and God Bless

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Since we thought we had Co-op and did not.. We spent some time browsing thrift shops and discount stores. On the way home we went to a discount store called S and S Liquidation for discount office supply. And yes yes yes!!! It happened. I got a 5x4ft dry erase board for our homeschool— for 5 dollars!!!! Today.. They are doing homework.. The kids love it!!








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Please!!! Join the new group I just founded on yahoo groups. Rising Hope Homeschool Penpals. Hoping to reach, encourage, and give inspiration to others through writing.


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Tomorrow.. Ah yes, I can feel the endless pitter patter of little feet running through the halls, backpacks popping up and down on tiny backs and books being issued.. Wait.. No I can’t, not this year!! And you better believe I am proud to say this will be the beat year ever!!

Last night, was a terribly long night! I was printing material till 2 am. Let’s see, I was printing a ton of math, writing, science, and homemaking help from Donna Young’s website.. and may I say it was worth the 5 hours of sleep I did get!! You can find her at http://www.donnayoung.org
One more thing.. I officially love you now, Ms. Donna!!! You have a great collection of things!!

Today, after church, we rearranged the whole house.. Lol.. Ok maybe just the kitchen, boys room(was the giant living room), living room ( into an actual living room and school room) and dining room(which used to be a small living room). Pheww glad it’s semi- finished. Now I have to get school ready for tomorrow! Cannot wait I’ll I get a months worth of homework finished.. That’s my goal for this week. 

Ps 127:3

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I am excited to say that last night we finally purchased our homeschool science book and journal. I decided that Apologia Astronomy was the way to go, however, that was not what the kids wanted. They chose Apologia Zoology 1: Flying Creatures, with the regular journal. I am thinking, we probably should have gone with the Junior Journal since they are 7, 9, and 10. I’m hoping that they will be ok with all the writing that is involved. Does anyone know if the work will be advanced for them?

We also got Explore the Code 1, 7, and 8 for phonics practice. We will see if 7 and 8 are too advanced for the boys. If it is we will just have to get the correct levels.

Our wonderful Saturday morning was spent printing off three sets of chapter 1, 9, and part of 10, we ran out of ink.. Nice!! We chose to do insects after the Intro due to the warm weather. It won’t be like that long.

I was also able to print out lesson 1 of both Explore the Code 1 and 7. Katelyn couldn’t wait to start, so I went ahead and let her do some of the work on the pretest and lesson 1. I love them being excited about learning!!

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For the past few weeks or more we have had a ton of stuff going on.

First- First week of Review

After a long week at the fair (the kids showed 2 mules and a pony) the children and I were very excited to get home and start school. The week went super-fast and consisted of major review. They spent most their time doing easy math, reading, arts and crafts. I am saving Science and History until September.

Also, since this is our first year, we have been trying to find out where our homeschool niche lies. And, I have to admit, even if I do like having that orderly, you know what to do, please go do it- system. I am thinking our family lies mostly in the Christian Electic-Unschool, if that is possible. However, since I have been using the printer like crazy, the teacher books sure sound nice.

Second- Church Camp with Maple Springs Baptist Church-for the boys.

As a schedule, I had it set up where we would go 6 weeks and off one. But this week threw us for a loop. Thankfully, we are only in review, right. Meaning, I had to adjust a few things in our schedule. One adjustment, there would be no school. My daughter, Katelyn was excited! Why? She had the house to herself, of course.  Henceforth, I allowed her to pretty much go with the flow. Little did she know there was actually quite a bit of learning and educating going on all week.  There were books opened, tons of AETN being watched and the IPAD was put to major use. Coloring and writing letters was also on the agenda for the week.

As Katelyn did her thing, for me it consisted of coming up with a better schedule and lesson plan. I think I may have come up with something that just may work… We will see how it goes in a later post.

Third-The Watermelon Festival, in my hometown.

          We had a great time at the festival. We saw the car cruise, burn-out, and ate free watermelon. The kids dodged and picked up candy at the parade.

When we finally arrived at the festival the kids enjoyed spending their money on bows and arrows, guns, and hair bows. But, as soon as the money was spent and we walked through the venders 5 times they went their own way. I could not believe they spent 4 hours on the merry-go-round, wings, and jungle gem, energy being spent there for sure. Later in the day, we watched watermelon races, ate free watermelon and listened to some gospel music. All in all we had a blast and are glad to be home.

Forth- YEAH!! School Starts back-

Lazy week, I have to say. We really did not start school until Wednesday. Sadly I blame that on me, I have been trying to get everyone adjusted to our semi- schedule. And that schedule, shall I say, is in the revamping mode; because, I think I changed how I presented the lessons to the children more than three times. ICK! I am hoping next week we can just pick up and MOVE.

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Rabbit Trails

The journey is the treasure. (Lloyd Alexander)