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I’m excited to say my tiny man Liam has been asleep for 2 hours.

However… Not excited that he will be up most the night though. Ick! He has just been super irritated all day, mostly with a rumbley belly. Poor baby!! I pray he gets better.. And doing that I have researched ways to ease belly pains.

One site I found helps with natural ways to help tummy problems…

Even though baby Liam doesn’t show signs of colic, I thought this was interesting…


Lastly, some relief for the tummy.. Ideas

Gas Relief



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One of my passions is photography and though I am no professional I dearly love taking shots of just about anything and everything in God’s creation! My favorite, besides my children, is Nature and it’s natural surroundings. There is really nothing you can do to mess up a shot. Unless, you get a blurry shot- not a good thing. To detour doing so I find myself using the manuel focus more often. I find that doing so gets a more personalized shot.







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Ok, Ok, I have to admit that I wear a ton of black, especially in the winter. But, as soon as March 1 hits I pull out my trusty spring and summer wear. However, before we get to that I want to talk a little about my new obsession. Nude shoes and Vintage dresses.
You see, I absolutely love shoes and dresses. And dresses.. Well that’s basically all I ever wear. Many will think its a religious thing. Since I do love my Savior so very much! But, that would totally not be the answer! I wear dresses because they make me feel more like a woman. I see all theses woman around wearing pants and I think, “Wow, fix her up with a nice dress and a few assessories she would look like an angel). So, my dear readers, you will probably never see me in jeans, slacks, shorts, and defiantly not a swimsuit (ick). That is unless you show up unannounced at our lovely little home. That’s were I get comfy in my lazy clothes!
Did I mention I love vintage.. However, to my horror, finding the style I like is rather hard! I once bought a complete lace wedding dress and combined it with a long denim jacket, maroon pumps, and a blue stone necklace. I loved this combination dearly! The only problem was, I could barely zip the lace dress up in the back and the sleeves had the nice pearl hooks a quarter way up my arm. These obstacles made for some awkward times getting the thing on. But hey.. It was stylish (I thought). And that set my spring summer attire. That was if I could ever find similar clothes.
As for winter, Black.. Is all I wear. Sometimes not completely black, but you get me, right?! I suppose I just look better in black than most other winterized colors and, well, black matches everything. To my pleasure, my whole wardrobe matches during the winter. I can simply go to the closet, pick something to wear, and it will all match, even with my eyes closed. Do I do that.. Absolutely not.. I am after all a woman.
My new obsession this year has been is Nude Shoes! I don’t know why it took me this long to think of that 😦 I mean, nude shoes can wear with anything. You can wear them during the spring and the winter, ok, basically all seasons. I have come to love them with black dresses. Think of Audrey Hepburn in her beautiful, simple, black dress, and nude shoes. Beautiful! And therefore, my new wardrobe was a simple black dress and nude shoe. Too bad it has been to cold here in Arkansas to wear a dress without tights or hose. Sadly the climate has caused me to only be able to wear this combination once.
Maybe one of these days I will post a pick of both the wedding dress combination and the black and nude attire!

Until then happy reading!

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I have indeed come to my senses and learned that I am not a great blogger! But and And, I dearly want to rekindle that love of writing!! So I have challenged myself to a write-a-thon for thirty days. During these thirty days I plan on writing what ever mishmashed whatevers I can come up with..
The only problem… I cannot seem to follow through on any such thing. (Insert sad face here!!). Therefore, this is also a form of a commitment setting opportunity.. Can I do this?! You betcha!! But first.. Please bear with me as I plunger though this mind of mine and see what exciting things I can come up with and maybe someone will enjoy my chaotic lace write-a-thon!!!

Amen and God Bless

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This is Liam-Ezell Zephaniah Davis, my fourth and last child. Liam made his entrance Jan 15, 2013.. By c-section. He weighed 7lb 6.2 oz and measured 19 3/4 in. A good size for tiny me!! Lol
At this moment he is 2.1 weeks old and quite a charmer!!! He IS going to change the world!!! God willing!



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